Carbon Monoxide poisoning incidence higher in Winter


JOPLIN, Mo — Every year, carbon monoxide sends thousands of Americans to the emergency room and December ranks as one of the riskiest months for carbon monoxide poisoning.

With temperatures dropping, furnaces firing up, and people gathering indoors for the holidays, December sees the most cases for carbon monoxide related issues.

The CDC estimate at least 50,000 people require emergency room care and at least 430 people die each year from it.

Prevention is key and maintenance is very important.

Jim Furgerson, Joplin Fire Chief, said, “The biggest thing is to recognize what carbon monoxide symptoms are because they are very similar to the flu. Cause it’s fatigue, nausea, headaches, things like that. If you think you have carbon monoxide poisoning, the biggest thing is to call 911.

Furgerson also says preventative measures are necessary to keep you safe.

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