JOPLIN, Mo. — People in Joplin are hoping to show how some soap and bubbles can go a long way.

The Locker Room parking lot was transformed into the Pro Roe Car Wash.

While it was free, all donations were sent to the Planned Parenthood Regional Logistics Center, which is designed to help provide people in Missouri with access to reproductive healthcare.

The car wash was put together by Quentin Cooper following the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

“The women have been putting in a lot of work on this issue. It effects them the most so of course they would but somebody like me, I’m passionate about it, but I don’t really know what my place in the conversation is, because it doesn’t directly effect me, so I figured me and my buddies could put our bodies on the line, be objectified a little bit if we wanted to and raise some money for a good cause,” says Cooper, “We’re not making anybody donate anything, if they want to come through and not pay a dime and get their car wash, we’re going to do it, but it’s really cool to see people not even take advantage of the car wash and just give money to the cause.”

While the wash may be over, donations can still be made online.