Cancer treatments for men are improving with an advanced testing called “Decipher”


JOPLIN, MO – June is National Men’s Health Month, and cancer treatments for some men is improving with advanced prostate testing called “Decipher.”

“What Decipher is, is a test. And what it’s doing is it is looking at the molecular biology of prostate cancer on a genomic level. And really what that really means is just, it’s another way to tell us how aggressive is a person’s prostate cancer.” Says Dr. Chance Matthiesen, Oncologist.

Helping medical teams customize treatment for the patient. Less serious cases may not indicate treatment while other are more advanced and need aggressive care.
“Decipher can tell us on another level, if that’s really appropriate or not, it can tell us Yes, based on, even at a genomic level we really believe this prostate cancer is not aggressive, and you’re safe to continue watching.” Says Matthiesen.

Or that someone may need aggressive treatment. Decipher gives both doctor and patient more confidence the treatment regimen is appropriate.

“So you’re looking at the DNA of the tumor. So the DNA of the tumor is able to tell us a little bit more on a DNA level, what is its biologic nature. It helps us maybe to identify a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It also tell us what medicines would react better, not necessarily for that. It’s more just about understanding how aggressive, is this specimen, so that we can intensify or de intensify treatments based on that.” Says Matthiesen.

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