Cancer treatment becoming more available for Nevada residents


NEVADA, Mo. — Getting treated for cancer can be tough on just about any patient.

But now some in Southwest Missouri are getting an option closer to home, hopefully helping to ease the process of fighting the disease.

Charlene Morris, Cancer Patient, said, “Feel tired all the time.”

Leading Nevada patient Charlene Morris to a diagnosis of cancer.

She recruited her friend Rosemary Ryan to make the twice a month drive to a doctor nearly an hour away.

Rosemary Ryan said, “She would get totally worn out when we would make the trip to Carthage and she would just feel like she was not able to do anything and it was beginning to wear me out too. And It was getting to the point to where we were trying to figure out how we were going to continue to be able to do it.”

It’s one challenge that’s been eliminated, with Charlene’s oncologist now working out of the Nevada clinic twice a month.

There’s chemotherapy, immuno-therapy and other treatment, options Dr. Atman Shah would like to offer there even more often.

Dr. Atman Shah, Freeman Oncologist, said, “Eventually when the volume picks up and there’s more reason for me to send me here – the goal is to get me here once a week so we can do treatments that are more intense and require more frequent follow ups.”

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