Can you donate blood after getting the covid-19 vaccine?


JOPLIN, Mo. — As Pfizer’s and Moderna’s covid vaccine are shipping out–the next question is can you give blood after getting the shot? Right now, the answer is yes. But it will prevent you from giving convalescent plasma.

That’s because the antibodies in your plasma would help a sick person–if you’ve gotten the vaccine, those antibodies don’t work the same way. Doctors are still doing research to figure out if there are any impacts to your blood. But, for now, the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks is saying–keep giving as much as you can.

Belinda Belk – Community Blood Center of The Ozarks Recruitment, said, “Things are forever changing in the medical world, and for regular blood donors, we have learned that the Moderna and the Pfizer vaccine, that does not keep you from donating. So, please come and give after you’ve had your vaccine, that’s fine. There’s no deferral for regular donors with those two vaccines.”

If you have more questions on donating blood or plasma. If you’re donating Convalescent plasma you have to go to the Springfield or Springdale location. Donors must be fourteen days free of symptoms

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