Campaign contributions now limited

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Constitutional Amendment 2 passed on Tuesday. It was one of four amendments passed in Missouri. 
“It’s to stop the power of big money in politics,” said Sen. Rob Schaaf, (R) Kansas City.
Amendment 2 caps political party contributions at $25,000 per election from any one individual. It prohibits candidates from receiving one individuals contribution of more than $2,600, other than the candidate’s own contribution.
Much different than this years race for governor. Missouri Governor-elect Eric Greitens had 352 contributions over $5,000, 36 contributions over $25,000. He had 18 contributions over $250,000. 15 over $500,000 and 8 over $1 million. Gubernatorial candidate Chris Koster had 321 contributions over $5,000, 10 over $250,000, 6 over $500,000 and 2 over $1 million.
“By removing the five, six, seven figure checks that candidates receive from big money donors they will be less beholden of those people and will be more likely to do what the average voter wants,” said Sen. Schaaf.
“I think a lot of people would agree what they’re purchasing is access,” said Mike Lutke, attorney.
Attorney Mike Lutke and Sen. Schaaf agree donors who give thousands or millions are treated differently than one who gives $500.
“You’re gong to get a personal relationship with that politician or that office holder,” said Lutke.
The amendment prohibits labor unions and corporations from direct contributions.
“Corporations and unions are spending other people’s money. Buying power for their own special interest at the expense of people’s money,” Sen. Schaaf said.
And it prevents the purchase of power by stopping a candidate’s committee from donating to another committee. Unlimited spending to support a candidacy is still allowed as long as it’s not directly given to the candidate’s campaign.
Report courtesy of KOLR10. 

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