The Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Missouri announces a $4 million campaign to expand its Joplin campus.

The plan is to renovate the existing 8,000 square foot facility, and add on another 15,500 foot building. The new facility would include an expanded teen center, training center, cafeteria, a full-size education kitchen and an art center, along with other facilities for learning.

Boys and Girls Club Board members say they’ve already raised roughly $2.5 million of the $4 million goal. The campaign began in October of 2017, and went public Tuesday. That includes a donation of $1 million from David and Deborah Humphreys. 

Board members say the club currently sees about 250 kids a year at the Joplin campus, with a waiting list of about another 200, and the new facility would let them take in more of those kids and include them in programs like the education curriculum.

“We get curriculum from Webb City schools as well as Joplin schools, and we just enhance the curriculum. So, we teach the same things that they teach there, but we do it in fun ways, so we do a lot of projects and fun things that just help them to be able to retain those skills that they’re learning at school,” says Shelly Craft, President of the Board, Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Missouri.

Donations to the Capitol Campaign can be made online through this link.