Bystanders in Arkansas lift car off trapped 6-year-old


 A Conway family counts their blessings after their son was hit and trapped under a car Sunday.

The Everett family stopped at Logan’s Roadhouse to lunch after church on Sunday. Their 6-year-old, Titus, slipped away when they were walking to the door. 

“It’s something you tell your kids a thousand times. ‘Don’t run out by cars, don’t run out in a parking lot,'” said Sarah Everett.

Titus was hit and trapped under a car. With the help of tons of strangers, they lifted the car off the boy and got him to a hospital. The Everett’s say without the community, the situation could have been a lot worse.

“To see everyone come through, and really, God brought all these people together at the right time. There was a Conway Police officer who was there eating lunch, and so it was just amazing how everyone came out to help just at the right time,” explained Everett.

Titus had some minor burns and cuts. He was treated and released at Arkansas Children’s Hospital.

The Everett’s say they wish they could personally thank everyone who helped them during their time of need.

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