Businesses be on alert, new trend in counterfeit money


CARL JUNCTION, Mo. – The Carl Junction Police Department is asking local businesses to be on the lookout for funny money.

Chief Delmar Haase says an alert employee of Pete’s Convenience Store noticed a $10 bill they received from a customer that didn’t have the right “feel”. As it turns out, the bill was counterfeit. Chief Haase says fake $100 as well as $50s and $20s are nothing new, but the new trend in funny money is in lower denominations, like $10 and $5 bills. He says there are a variety of ways to distinguish real from fake, but one is the most reliable.

“You can pick up a pen at a lot of local department stores that will actually work, it will mark real paper, but it won’t mark real money, it will mark paper and that’s what we suggest doing.”

Delmar Haase, Carl Junction Police Chief

Haase says you can also hold a real bill up to the light and see the security strips, which you won’t see on counterfeit. He adds, police have a suspect in mind for the case, but have not yet made any arrests.

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