Business owners in Noel are cleaning up and improving things before the Bella Vista Bypass is complete


NOEL, MO – One Southwest Missouri town is looking to improve things before a major project is complete.

As his first big project as mayor, Terry Lance is having property owners clean up their store fronts.

And it’s because he wants to get ready for more traffic coming through thanks to the Bella Vista Bypass.

Many McDonald County towns are expecting more traffic and businesses to make their mark as construction on the I-49 Bella Vista Bypass is expected to be complete in September.

So, instead of playing catchup, Noel Mayor, Terry Lance, wants to get ahead and have the town look nicer.

“What I’m trying to do is communicate with the property owners and encourage them to just make the buildings look a little bit more presentable, more appealing for the businesses that I think are gonna want to come this direction.” Says Lance.

With more business expected to come, Lance adds a freshly up-kept town will incline more people to come through, and stay in Noel.

“If you come into a town and you’re considering opening a business, the better shape the buildings are in, the more seriously you’re gonna look at it.” Says Lance.

Some business owners have already begun upkeeping.

Including Emily Savage of The Common Cup.

Who says from her experience, she’s the perfect person to encourage others to do the same.

“Just being an encouragement to people and saying this is possible and this is something you can do to help the community, and just seeing it’s a real possibility.” Says Savage.

And with time, Savage adds the believes with up-kept businesses, more will come, and make Noel a more welcoming place.

“I think just adding these businesses that are just kind of mom and pop shops, and just like comfortable places to hangout that are nice and homey, I think that’ll just bring a very warm and welcoming feel to the city.” Says Savage.

Lance adds some ways property owners can enhance their business is by putting on fresh paint, cleaning their floors and soap and water cleans.

Lance says as of now, they won’t give out fines if businesses don’t comply as long as there’s no code violations.

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