Business is booming, even on snowy days


You might think most retailers wouldn’t have many shoppers on a day like today. But some area stores were just as busy as usual, if not, even busier.

There was a lot of foot traffic at Pearl Brothers True Value hardware store on Monday. And it had everything to do with Mother Nature.

“Lot of sleds, Ice Melt, ice scrapers, snow shovels, mainly sleds though, schools out today so a lot of kids want to go sledding,” says Tim Cook, general manager at Pearl Brothers.

“The kids have wanted to go sledding and yesterday we just grabbed what we had at home like cardboard or whatever we could find for the kids to jump on, got more snow this morning last night so we decided to get them actual sleds, let them have more fun,” says Brandon Hathaway.

In years past, Cook says people would come in and buy snow shovels and Ice Melt at the beginning of winter, but these days he says they wait till it actually snows.

“I think a lot of people wait till the last minute because they think it’s hardly ever gonna snow around here hardly, we haven’t had that much snow in quite a while,” says Tim Cook.

And if you’re anything like Ben Brown, you may have a shovel but it’s been so long since he used one.

“I was in town anyway so I just decided to get a couple,” says Ben Brown.

This way you’ll know where at least one of them are.

“Yeah I’ll be able to find one of them perhaps,” says Ben Brown.

And because school was out in many towns, meals had to come from somewhere other than the cafeteria.

“Ramen Noodles are great to have in the cupboard for snow days, cause the kids always have something easy to cook, easy to eat and my boys love the beef flavor, we do heavier cooking when it’s cold like stroganoff and goulash, so that’s what we’ll have this week,” says Sandra McClearen.

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