Business incentives to help Crawford County


Crawford County is implementing a new incentive to help revitalize the area.

The neighborhood revitalization program works by offering a 5-year tax exemption to those who build newer homes in unincorpoated areas or want to remodel their current home.

The plan works for those who wish to build a commercial building in the county as well.

The idea for the program came as a way to motivate property owners to renovate their buildings or tear down old ones to replace it with something new.

The plan excludes larger towns throughout the county to promote growth in areas that need it.

“We’ve taken zones where we will allow new construction, and those areas only. So, you have to have a tear down of an existing structure anywhere in the county or you have to be in a zone,” said Jim Emerson, the Crawford County counselor. 

A couple pre-approved zones for the project would include Opolis and Franklin. Crawford County hopes the program helps stimulate economic growth throughout the region.

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