Bushwhacker Museum holds Historic Deepwood Cemetery tour


A local museum draws a large crowd at the Historic Deepwood Cemetery to re-enact Four State history.

“A place is only a place if it’s remembered what had happened there at one time,” says Will Tollerton, Bushwhacker Museum Coordinator.

This weekend marks the second annual Deepwood Cemetery guided living tour, where guests can learn all about the history of Nevada.

“Both tomorrow, Friday night and Saturday evening from five to eight pm, we’ll invite guests to come to the cemetery and take a one hour walking tour and visit several of the burial sites where actors from the local community council of the performing arts will portray historic figures from our county’s past in the first person,” says Will Tollerton.

Visitors can hear from the founder of Cottey College, the pioneer of fishing reels, and the man who coined the name of Nevada.

“I am portraying Colonial D.C. Hunter. He was the man who named Nevada and I know there is a common misconception about the pronunciation. He actually did initially propose Nevada City after a town in California,” says Dr. Jason Meisenheimer.

The Bushwhacker Museum created this event a year ago not only to raise money for the museum, but also to explain why local history is so important for the future.

“We were wanting to do a fundraiser for the Historical Society and we decided to partner with the local community council of the performing arts to really bring the history of the county alive so to speak,” says Will Tollerton.

“The learning of our local history is crucial to our future and you know if we don’t celebrate the past and keep it alive it’ll just be buried, no pun intended,” says Dr. Jason Meisenheimer.

And with raising more than twenty four hundred dollars last year, organizers are already planning for next year.

“Last year we had different characters than we’re portraying this year and in future years we might do a different cemetery or certainly different historical figures that we will re-enact,” says Will Tollerton.

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