Bus driver awarded for rescuing lost toddler


A Milwaukee bus driver is being called a hero for rescuing a lost toddler shortly before Christmas, but she says it was simply a mother’s intuition.

MCTS bus driver, Irena Ivic, has some experience when it comes to driving a bus. 

“Oh my God I was so upset,” said Irena Ivic, MCTS bus driver.

She knew something was terribly wrong. Video captures a little girl, not even a year old, running on the sidewalk near 4th and Mitchell in Milwaukee in below freezing temperatures.

“I couldn`t believe that somebody can left the child on the street,” said Ivic.

The baby was barefoot, crying, and wearing only a diaper and a onesie. Ivic instantly stopped, ran out and picked up the baby, and carried her back to the bus without thinking twice. 

“‘I don`t know what I told. I was so upset and shaken,” said Ivic.

As passengers watched Ivic carry the baby back to the bus, everyone was speechless. One passenger offered up her jacket to keep the baby warm. 

“Baby was so scared and cried,” she said.

Ivic, a mom of two, cradled the baby to sleep until police arrived. The baby`s father thinks his wife, who is mentally ill, took their daughter to a church across the freeway and forgot about her.

“Police say it’s your baby? I said ‘yeah.’ I say p’olice officer thank you so much, sir,'” said Hasan Ali Abdul Kasim, father. 

Thanks to Ivic, the baby is reunited with her dad and is in good health. Today, MCTS honored Ivic to simply say thank you.

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