Bus camp event educates kindergarten students about bus safety


JOPLIN, Mo. – Kindergarten students and families board a bus in Joplin to learn about safety.

The Joplin School District held a bus camp at Junge Stadium Saturday for kindergarten and first grade students and their parents.

Families learned about school bus safety, including making sure to stay in your seat and how to get off a bus in an emergency.

With the bus camp being an inaugural event, Joplin School District is hoping to share their motto, STP, or safe, trustworthy, and professional, with families.

Mike Bevis, Joplin Director of Transportation, says, “If we are not safe then we are not trusted. If we are not trusted then we are not professional. So we are going to get the safety first part correct. And make sure that we are so safe that we are the best in southwest Missouri.”

The Joplin School District hopes to make this event quarterly with schools in the district, so they will be safer in the upcoming school year.

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