Bumper the Missouri HIPO talking patrol car gets a trailer makeover


A trailer used for a talking car with the Missouri Highway Patrol gets an upgrade.

Bumper, the talking patrol car has been a member of the Missouri Highway Patrol since the 1980’s. The car goes to kindergartens, preschools and elementary schools to teach kids about stranger danger, the importance of wearing seat belts and other aspects of safety. The trailer it rides in was built in the 1990’s was in need of some serious repairs. But recently a group of local men, lead by Bruce Stockton, pooled their resources and gave it a makeover.

“The years weigh on all of us and he approached me and said hey, I’ve got a group of guys that would like to refurbish that trailer and make it look a little nicer, and so now Bumper has a brand new ride again and he’s pretty excited about it,” says Sgt. John Lueckenhoff.

Lueckenhoff says the repair job for Bumper’s trailer only took a couple of months to complete, and didn’t cost the patrol anything.

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