Building collapse in Girard prompts city officials to take action


GIRARD, Kans. — Girard city officials are taking action after an incident last week.

Over the weekend, a building on the Girard Square partially collapsed. Now, the Girard City Council is looking to create a committee to prevent something like this from happening again.

“Mr. Vinardi has contacted a structural engineer to come in and inspect the building at that time they will determine whether it has any structural deficiencies,” said Mickey Pyle, Girard Mayor.

Friday night, the back of a building on the 100 Block of East Prairie Avenue partially collapsed. Monday night the owner of Vinardi Heating and Cooling addressed city council about the damage.

“The back of the wall was only held through with four steel rods bolted to the floor inside and a plate outside on the wall. The walls are free standing,” said Donnie Vinardi, Building Partially Collapsed.

Business owners in the strip were evacuated on Saturday.

“Somewhat frustration. I feel if the city had codes or regular inspections some of these things might have been prevented. Which you never know things like this can happen but I feel like if there were regular inspections, we wouldn’t have these problems,” said Shelby Cannon, Pearls & Curls Business Owner.

The business in between Vinardi’s and Cannon’s is condemned. Cannon says she is worried that it could fall next.

“I have feared for a long time that that building was going to collapse. I always said that I prayed that it never happened when we were opened and no one would get hurt. But I’ve always had a fear that at any moment any day that building could collapse,” said Cannon.

Girard does not have zoning codes, but council wants to work on an ordinance to inspect buildings. City council is also working creating a committee made of business owners.

“I believe the committee will come up with recommendations on issues they see and we can inspect and the city will work with them if there are any city or code violations to get this taken care of,” said Pyle.

Once a structural engineer inspects the building, the owner can move forward with repairing the structure. No one was injured in the partial collapse.

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