Buddy Check: Breast Cancer


As we continue in the holiday season, it’s easy to forget there are people dealing with so much more than the stress of party planning and family gathering.

“I said, you know, can you look at this spider bite,” says Kelly Evans, 2 year breast cancer survivor.

In summer of 2016, Kelly Evans noticed what she thought was a spider bite on her left breast, and decided to ask her doctor about it.

“He looked at it and he said, that’s not a spider bite. He says I’m pretty sure it’s breast cancer,” says Kelly Evans.

Evans was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at 57 years old. She began chemo in July of 2016, and surgery followed only a few months later.

“December 15, 2016 I had a double mastectomy. I requested a double mastectomy for the fact that breast cancer runs in my family,” says Evans.

With surgery only 10 days before Christmas, getting through — what’s supposed to be — a festive season, was tough.

“I lost my breasts right before Christmas, and I had no parents to help me,” says Evans.

But there was someone she could depend on to help her through this time.

“My husband, he sat at every chemo right with me. He never budged,” says Evans.

Evans’ husband cooked for her, cleaned, and remained her rock.

“He says, well, it’s your body, you know, I’ll love you no matter if you have breast or if you don’t have breasts. He said, I’ll love you no matter what,” says Kelly.

Even her sons helped through the difficult time — especially one who lives close by.

“All I had to do was call him and he’d be right there, you know to take me wherever I needed to go,” says Evans.

And, she’s turned the emotional event in her life, into something positive.

“I volunteer at the Cancer Institute, and that’s where I want to be, because they gave me so much, that I wanted to give back,” says Evans.

Giving back by offering advice to others working to get through the tough times.

“I tell the people, the patients there, I said take one day at a time, I say think positive, I say just think happy thoughts,” says Evans.

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