Buddy Check 16: Enjoying the Outdoors


A breast cancer diagnosis shouldn’t stop patients from enjoy the outdoors this summer.

In fact, Macie Isley at the Pink Door Boutique inside the Wes & Jan Houser Women’s Pavilion at Freeman Health System, says swimsuits are available that offer more coverage to make breast cancer patients feel confident.

“If you’re undergoing radiation therapy or scars, they’re here just to make you feel more comfortable,” Isley explained.

For women that have had a mastectomy, breast forms made specifically for enjoying some pool time are also available.

“We offer forms that are for swimming,” Isley continued. “They’re lighter weight, they’re made of beads so they float better and aren’t as heavy.”

The form can also go into a specifically-made swimsuit.

“The swimsuits that we have actually have pockets, so just stick your form in the pocket and they stay in place,” said Isley.

Many women hope to increase their confidence with a wig, but with temperatures rising, some specific wigs help keep patients cool.

“Our wigs that are lace-capped, they lace all the way back–they’re more cooling because they have more air that can flow through them,” Isley explained.

But, only wear a wig swimming if you don’t plan on getting it wet.

“Most likely, if you go underwater, your wig will probably come off,” Isley added. “If you stay above water, you’re probably perfectly fine with a wig.”

Cool caps also help during warmer months, but if you choose not to wear anything, make sure you take one extra step before walking out the door.

“If you don’t want to wear a wig or a cap or anything while you’re swimming, just make sure you apply sunscreen because it’s going to be more prone to burn since that skin has probably never seen sunlight,” said Isley.

Lastly, if a woman simply wants to get outside, there are ways to keep the bugs away too, while still protecting her skin.

“You can always spray your clothing, instead of spraying your skin directly, to avoid causing irritation,” Isley explained.

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