Buddy Check 16

Freeman Health System and KSN Local News have joined forces to educate women about breast health and remind them to do their monthly breast self-examination. On the 16th of each month, Jessica Schaer shares a story of hope against breast cancer to the women of the Four States.

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Freeman Buddy Check 16 - Save the life of someone you love

1 in 8 women develops breast cancer in her lifetime. In the fight against breast cancer, knowledge saves lives. We encourage you to learn the 3 keys to breast health and early detection of breast cancer:

  • Monthly breast self-exams
  • Annual visits to a physician for a clinical breast exam
  • Annual mammograms beginning typically at age 40

Breast self-exams are critical to early detection – that's why Freeman and KSN-TV 16 have joined forces to educate women in the community about breast health and remind them to do monthly breast self-examinations. Freeman Buddy Check 16, our breast health awareness program, encourages women to team up with a buddy and remind each other to perform a breast self-exam on the 16th of every month. Also, on the 16th of each month during the 6 pm KSN-TV 16 newscast, Freeman shares personal stories from area women touched by breast cancer and provides education about breast cancer to encourage women of the Four States to take proactive measures toward good breast health.

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Save the life of someone you love by reminding her each month to do a breast self-exam.

  • Find a buddy
  • Mark your calendar
  • Call your buddy
  • Save lives

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To become a Freeman Buddy Check 16 member, complete our online sign up form. Be among the first to receive the brand new Buddy Check 16 member kit, which contains a breast health action handbook that explains how to perform breast self-exams and why they're important to your health, as well as information about breast cancer prevention. You'll also receive:

  • Eco-friendly pink tote bag
  • Handy nail file for your purse
  • Awareness gifts
  • Breast health book
  • Welcome letter

If you find a lump, call your doctor. If you need a physician, please search our online physician directory or call the Freeman Physician Finder at 417.347.3767.