Buckle Up Phone Down


JOPLIN, Mo. — As texting and driving kills more Americans the Joplin Police Department is working to put a stop to it.

Joplin Police Department is running a campaign–buckle up, phone down.

Deadly crashes have been increasing in Missouri–702 people have died this year alone from texting and driving. That’s actually a 12% increase over last year. The causes for this increase–distracted driving and people not buckling up.

Jared Delzell, Traffic Sargent, said, “So many crashes occur every year and people are killed with unrestrained drivers and with distractions that we are better than this and we can fix this by just a little bit of awareness to put your seat belt on and put your phone down while you’re driving a car.”

Joplin Police just want to make sure every driver makes it to their destination safe and alive.

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