Bronaugh engages students with new podcast show


BRONAUGH, Mo. — A small school district implements new technology in efforts of teaching students about podcasting.

Why are Bronaugh students taking part in this program?

It’s a way for both students and staff to share what’s going on around campus and what they’re interested in.

Payton McNeil, 2nd Grade Student, said, “I got to read a book with Logan and Hayden my friend.”

The Wildcat Show Podcast was developed last year by the Superintendent of the school.

She started this program to give kids of all ages a platform to share their own stories.

Jordan Dickey, Bronaugh R-7 School District Superintendent, said, “There’s really good things going on here and it’s a fun opportunity for the kids to share things that are going on, the teachers to share things, and to share it in a new, fun format because we can post on Facebook and be in the newspaper, but this is something a little bit different.”

Each episode is centered around a theme and highlights a few students and their interests.

The most recent episode talks about the 100th day of school and features a read-aloud with the second grade class.

“We try to just find something random to talk about to get kids talking and to build those connections between the high school students and the elementary students.”

Logyn Rainey is a High School Junior and uses his experience on the “wildcat show” to be a role model for the younger students.

Logyn Rainey, High School Junior, said, “They look up to us in high school students and I think it’s very important to be a good example for them because you know as they get bigger you want to make sure you, know because you lead by example of course, so you want to make sure you’re setting a good example for them, so they can grow up to be nice young men.”

And one student who was featured in this past episode is encouraging others to get involved.

Hayden Wilson, 2nd Grade Student, said, “I’ll tell them it’s okay. It’s fun.”

Students and staff will be recording a new episode next week, that can be found on their school’s Facebook page and iTunes.

The superintendent hopes one day students will fully take on this project.

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