Bright Futures needs your help


Bright Futures of Joplin needs your help to continue offering two programs for students.

One of them is called lunch pals, in which a community volunteer comes to have lunch with an elementary school student once a week to provide a positive role model for the student. The other program is called TREK, which stands for “together reaching every kid”.

TREK also involves Joplin elementary school students. Community engagement coordinator Dale Peterson says it’s an after school tutoring program.

“Gets to sit and work on worksheets with the student that the teacher has prepared for them so they don’t have to create a curriculum or anything like that, they’re working on a practice primarily on reading because kids learn how to read until 3rd grade. And from 3rd grade on they read to learn,” says Dale Peterson.

In order to be eligible for the program, volunteers must pass a background check. Like the Lunch Pal Program, TREK is also a once a week commitment. To sign up for either program, volunteers must do so on the district’s webpage. We’ve put a link to it here.

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