Bright Futures “Lunch Pals” program provides mentoring to area children


Adult volunteers commit to having lunch with a student once a week for 30 minutes. After lunch, if the volunteer chooses, they can read a book, play a board game or just talk.

The program has meant so much to some students that hate to see it end when they head to junior high.

“We have found that when our Lunch Pals graduate out of elementary school and go on to middle school, they kind of want to go ‘Can my Lunch Pal come too?’ so we have Lunch Pals in the middle schools now as well,” explianed Dale Peterson with Bright Futures. “We actually have a Junior in high school whose Lunch Pal meets with him every week”

Peterson says the one on one relationship that develops between the student and adult often makes a profound difference in that student’s life.

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