Bright Futures helps young Joplin students follow new rules amid pandemic


JOPLIN, Mo. — The coronavirus has forced young students to follow new rules that weren’t in place just last Spring causing some new problems.

Dan Stanley, Bright Futures Contributor, said, “Everything is so abnormal right now for everybody, especially for those children.”

Some Joplin schools are having trouble with some of their younger kids.

Sarah Coyne, Bright Futures Joplin Coordinator, said, “Transferring their school supplies from their classrooms to the specials classes, so these are the classes like art, library, music, and they have to take things with them to those classes because of COVID they can’t share supplies like they have in years past.”

However, Dan and Melanie Stanley came up with a fix to the problem, tote bags.

“We just felt that that would be something that could be a very tiny, small thing we could do to help those students,” said Stanley.

They donated eight classes worth of the bags to the kids of Irving Elementary. Now the children have a safe way to move their supplies between classes.

“These tote bags can stay at school, they don’t have to go from the home environment to the school environment, kind of stay a little nicer and cleaner and neater and guarantee what you have because you pull it off the hook and it’s yours,” said Coyne.

And it’s all thanks to a phrase that Dan was taught in Sunday school.

“The more we receive, the more we want, and the more we give, the more we become and I try to remember that and I try to live by that as much as I can,” said Stanley.

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