BREAKING: Springfield Pyrotechnic Company Burns to the Ground


Multiple fire crews are fighting a fire at a pyrotechnics company in Polk County.

Central Polk Fire Chief tells us they are assisting to fight a fire at AM Pyrotechnics. Fire officials and dispatch has told us the area is evacuated and they are still working the fire.

We now know that the fire started from an explosion.

KOLR10 just finished speaking to the fire chief, he says there was one woman trapped inside the AM Pyrotechnics building during the fire.

The woman suffered moderate to serious injuries and was transported to the hospital on a helicopter. She’s currently under treatment.

There’s about 90 firefighters at this time. Fire Chief Gregory Wood from Pleasant Hope says when they arrived on scene, there were multiple explosions going off at the same time and they could hear the explosion from miles away.

Firefighters said it was very dangerous when they first arrived on scene, so they used the aerial ladders in the air, just to attack the explosions and fire from a distance. But now, they believe it’s safe to go back in.

The Strafford Fire Chief Jake Agee fire says no firefighters were injured.

What exactly triggered the explosion is still under investigation. The Fire Marshal is on scene and will be conducting a full investigation. Firefighters expect to be here several hours, as u can see there’s still smoke in the background.

We also spoke to neighbors and they say they heard a super loud explosion, and saw the place was engulfed in flames, fireworks were shooting off, there was lots of heavy smoke.

“It looked just like a fireworks show. There wasn’t no saving that building,” George Smith says.

And as you can see, the building is completely burned down to the bone.

We do know the Missouri State Highway 215th and 244th roads are blocked off right now.

Polk County Sheriff’s Office says they may be releasing a statement but we’re not sure when at this time.

We will update this story when more information becomes available.

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