Joplin police say Officer Grant Meador (right) and Officer Laken Rawlins (Left) are the two officers who were involved in the shooting earlier this week.

Officer Laken Rawlins
Officer Grant Meador

Officer Meador is the officer who fired his service pistol, killing 31-year-old David Ingle after he charged the two officers.

They first attempted to use tasers to get the situation under control but the tasers did not work.

Officer Meador was then shot Ingle. Officer Meador is a five-year veteran of the Joplin Police Department.

Officer Laken Rawlins is a two-year veteran of the Joplin Police Department.

Ingle was no stranger to the Joplin Police Department. He had 31 charges in Municipal court.

This is David Ingle’s mug shot after the car he was driving flipped and skidded across a Walmart parking lot in September of 2017.

The Officer involved shooting is under investigation by the Missouri Highway Patrol.