Breaking News: Carthage Technical Center student injured in explosion


It all started in a shop class just before 10:30 Friday morning. That’s when something went very wrong at the tech center directly across from Carthage High School.

“We received a call from Carthage High School saying there had been some type of explosion and they had an injured student,” explained Carthage officer Chad Dininger.

A male student, who has not yet been identified, was injured when a pressurized box blew apart in his face.

“This was an accident that happened in class during the course of a project,” said CHS Principal Matt Huntley.

An ambulance was on the scene in minutes.

“The student was transported by EMS to our local hospital and has since been life flighted to another hospital,” Deninger added.

He’s now being treated for serious injuries including lacerations in Springfield. They are not expected to be life threatening.

Carthage police are working with school officials to review the incident but emphasize there is nothing criminal-related to the case.

“There is no damage that is obvious inside the school — it appears there was just one student injured,” Deninger continued.

School officials are releasing few other details at this time, but are quick to praise those who responded.

“I’m thankful to Carthage emergency responders and our staff who were quick to respond as well,” Huntley explained. “Right now, we’ll just offer our prayers and well wishes to the family and the student.”

The pressurized explosion took place in a welding lab on the east side of the south tech center.

We’ll be following this case and bring updates as the investigation continues.

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