Branson apartment building deemed too dangerous to live in


BRANSON, Mo. (KOLR) – Tenants at some apartments in Branson might soon be forced to leave after their building was deemed too dangerous to live in.

The city of Branson gave the owner of 102 N. fifth street thirty days to get the building up to code.

The city issued an order of abatement on January 13th.

Before that, the owner was given nearly a year to fix municipal code violations.

Now those still living there have just five days to get their stuff out before the city steps in.

This is the typical process for buildings in Branson that the city says threatens the life, health, and safety of people in the building.

The director of planning and development for Branson, Joe Hornickel, says he believes people are still actively living in the apartments and come Saturday, they will be considered trespassing if they are still there.

He says at the same time, the owner will lose some rights to their property, but there are a couple of options moving forward.

Hornickel says, “The dangerous building determination becomes final on February 15th. At that point, the city either has a choice to step in and demolish the property if that’s the decision that’s made by the city or the property owner through the building permit process to correct the outstanding issues as well.”

The city has only had to go through this dangerous building process about a dozen times in the last decade.

Hornickel says it’s rare and isn’t associated at all with the recent increase in enforcement.

The city has put on extended stay hotels in Branson.

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