Branco Enterprises Inc. wins some construction bids despite rocky start


The Sidewalk Project will start with sidewalks near joe becker that will soon be under construction after contract issues. The sidewalks are on second and third street just east of the stadium and along school avenue just west of the stadium.

Problems with the bids in the beginning caused the construction delay after contractors didn’t have the right information in the bids.

Public Works Director David Hertzberg says, “The decision at the time was made that we had time to re-bid- to reject all the bids, and rebid to get some better bids for the taxpayers.”

Branco Enterprises will start construction later this month for the project.

Also, Branco Enterprises will work on a a $2 million dollar stormwater construction project on Illinois Avenue. The road and the intersection of 7th street will close.

The closure will last for a few days but the Public Works Director says any work that exceeds that time days cost the contractor $2,000 a day. Work in the area will increase drainage capacity to reduce flooding on St. Louis, Broadway, and 4th street.

All the work should be finished by this summer.

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