Brad’s Beat: Roadie Memories

Mark Womack is from Joplin and has spent much of the last 40 years on the road. He started off as a roadie helping setting up equipment for musicians.  
“I answered an ad that said good money and has to travel long hours. I was single wasn’t doing anything so I answered the ad after I found out what it was it was like it’s time to travel,” said Mark Womack of Creative Concert Securities.
And his first gig was working for Eric Clapton, his second was for Pink Floyd. And he found them all to be just average people. 
“These people put their britches on one leg at a time just like we do. They just have a different occupation,” said Womack.
He then started a company called Creative Concert Securities and he protected the stars.
“We take care of all the backstage, the tour buses. We take care of the people and guard them from the bus or dressing area to the stage and back,” said Womack.
And going through his house — it’s like a museum. He’s got autograph’s from Prince, Michael Jackson, and The beach boys. And dozens of backstage passes. He says looking at these 40 years of memories really takes him back. 
“Everything just started piling up and after awhile, we were like ‘lets just display some of this,'” said Womack.
And one of my favorites that he has Elvis in the bar, with his autographed guitar pick. 
“It was the right place to put it,” said Womack.
He lost a lot of the items in the Joplin Tornado. One that survived is this autographed Goodfellas poster. Once some of his friends learned he lost a lot, they started sending him replacements. Eric Clapton sent him this autographed poster with him and BB King in it.
“You never knew when you’d go out to the mailbox what you were going to find,” explained Womack.
He’s slowed down a bit, but says these memories are still fresh. 
” I can’t help but look at it and the images just flash in your head: where I was, what we were doing during this particular tour,” said Womack.
Two of Mark’s most recent concerts he worked were the Red Hot Chili Peppers in Tulsa and Gwen Staffani in Kansas City. 

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