The line for JobFest in Joplin went on, and on, and on. At the front of the line was Rita Cure who got in line two-and-a-half hours before it started, because she’s ready to get back to work. 
“I was let go from Eagle Picher back in July, so I’ve been looking for a job these past five months,” explained Rita Cure, who was looking for a job.
And her work literally was used around the world and in space. 
 “I built batteries for the military and NASA. I enjoyed my job– I loved it,” Cure added.
She worked there for 16 years and sadly sees some of her co-workers also in line. 
“I saw several people I’ve worked with at Eagle Picher. I’ve been there 20 plus years and all of us are hunting for jobs still,” said Cure.
The Workforce Innovation Board helped put on the event. Bubba Evansco says this is the sixth year they have put on the program. 
“Last year, we saw a lot of people get interviews on the spot, some people got jobs on the spot,” Bubba Evansco of the Workforce Innovation Board explained.
Rita had several copies of her resume on-hand to pass out to future employers. And she says the job market has changed so much. 
“It’s totally different. I’m old school, so I’m used to going door-to-door until I have a job. Now it’s all on the Internet,” Cure added.
“Amazing set of skills that she must have,” Evansco continued. “Being able to find something to convert that into. It reminds me of our military people. they have that same challenge and through programs like on-the-job training and Show-Me Heroes at the job center, we can help retrain and re-skill some of these folks.  “
If you missed the JobFest, you can call the Workforce Innovation Board to receive some help with finding a job. The number is (417)206-1717.