Brad’s Beat: 100-Year-Old Carthage Woman

Frances Schroeder says age just sort of sneaks up on you. 
“I thought ‘how can I be that old?’ I just didn’t feel old,” said Frances Schroeder, 100 years young.
So, we had to ask what she avoided in life to live so long. 
Did she smoke? 
“I’ve never smoked,” Schroeder says.
Did she drink? 
“No,” said Schroeder.
Did she swear? 
“No,” Schroeder said.
Well, we’re in trouble. 
She also says having the same thing for breakfast helps. She always have cereal and a bannana.She recently tried to give that up, though. 
“It’s because she told my sister ‘I’ve had cereal and banana for years and I’m sick of it.’ But now, she’s gone back to it,” said Bev Scroggins, Schroeder’s daughter.
She also says a good game of Skip-Bo keeps her blood pumping. And, chocolate truffles never hurt anyone. She’s a big fan.  
And, also love. She was married to her husband, Pastor Lou for nearly 30 years and they met at a church event in Kansas City. And, Lou was a smooth gentleman. 
“He also sent me some flowers the same day that he called me,” said Schroeder.
She lived in Kansas City and he lived in California and they wrote love letters to each other for a year. They eventually married and Bev Scroggins was her new step-daughter, who now helps take care of her.  
“We called her the Energizer Bunny because we think this is it. And then she just pops up,” said Scroggins.
She says Frances appreciates every single day. 
“She doesn’t wake up dreading a day. She really wakes up thinking ‘what good is going to happen today?'” explained Scroggins.
“I never expected to reach this age,” said Schroeder.
Frances also says her faith has helped her live so many years. 

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