Boys and Girls Club Day


An area organization that provides services for young people has been so popular in the past, there’s been a long waiting list to get in.

But that will be changing in the future. April 7th through the 13th is National Boys and Girls club week.

So the Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Missouri held an open house for community members as well as club supporters on Monday.

The purpose was to explain to the community some of the programs they offer for kids after school as well as during the summer.

For the 5th consecutive year there’s been a waiting list of at least 200 kids to get into the after school program,  there’s also a waiting list for kids to get into the summer program, but all of that could be changing.

Rhonda Gorham, Ex. Director, Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Missouri says,  “We actually are, um, we are hoping to have maybe a kickoff soon, maybe in May, um to announce some things were maybe we’ll be able to announce a new building”

In the mean time, the club has started a new program for 6th graders through high school that features a driver simulation program.

It’s part of a national partnership between the club and U.P.S.

Camra McDaniel is the coordinator of the program and says it’s an excellent way to educate future drivers about the dangers of distracted driving. 

“I think it’s great, especially for the kids nowadays, they’ve got cell phones, they got music, they have their friends talking to them, so yeah, it focusses a lot on distractive driving which opens it up for us to be able to have a conversation with them as a group before we get on and start doing the driving so I think that’s great,” says McDaniel.

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