Bourbon County taking strides to combat coronavirus


BOURBON COUNTY, Ks. — County leaders across Southeast Kansas aren’t taking any chances when it comes to the coronavirus.

William Wallis, Emergency Manager, Bourbon County, said, coronavirus is, even though it’s not in our state, It’s something, it’s really tearing up the news.”

As the coronavirus continues to make its way across the U.S., Bourbon County leaders aren’t taking any chances.

“So I basically decided that I need to make this public service announcement not to alarm or to frighten anybody, you know, but to just basically tell them what we’re doing.”

The PSA has tips on proper hygiene and information about the county based task force to develop a coronavirus action plan.

“We understand this as much as we can and that I’m working with all the first responders in the area to really get a handle on it if we can before it ever does get here.”

Surprisingly enough, with the virus, could come scammers.

Jake Conard, Cherokee County Attorney, said, “Any time there’s any type of public health crisis or potential crisis unfortunately there are always people waiting to prey on the fears and anxieties of innocent citizens”

Scammers are always looking for ways to steal your money.

“Being contacted by people claiming to be with the Center for Disease Control or the World Health Organization, these agencies are never going to contact you directly.”

Both say vigilance is so important.

If you think you have the virus or are being scammed reach out to local law enforcement.

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