Bourbon County raises wages for some county employees without needing to increase taxes


BOURBON COUNTY, Ks. — A recent resolution passed by the Bourbon County Commission will give elected officials a wage hike.

Does this wage hike come from taxes?

No, these funds come from the county budgeting for this increase.

The hope is to keep their wages competitive so that they will want to continue to work in Bourbon County.

Lynne O’Harah, Commissioner, Bourbon County, said, “There was a large gap between what we we’re paying our employees and our elected officials and the other surrounding counties of like size.”

A new resolution was passed to keep pay competitive for Bourbon County elected officials.

The hike was only given to four positions.

“The County Clerk, the County Treasurer, the Register Of Deeds, and the Sheriff.”

The increase for the four totals to about $46,000.

The suggestion for the new wages was presented by the Sheriff in 2015.

“He felt that the county employees we’re being woefully unpaid compared to the other counties. So, he had a study commission and we went to the state.”

And that study helped them uncover the wages of 12 different counties in Kansas.

But how will they provide those wages without raising taxes?

Well, the county had already been planing ahead.

“We did not do any mill levy increases to get where we needed to be.”

So while the initial idea for this wage increase sparked back in 2015.

Back in May is when county leaders really began to start putting this together, looking to not use any tax payer dollars.

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