Bourbon County not applying for KDOT bridge funding


BOURBON COUNTY, Ks. — Bourbon County officials did not apply for KDOT funding even though two bridges are currently at risk for failure.

A bridge is considered fracture crtical if it has the potential to crack, fail, or collapse at any time.

KDOT has a grant program called the share cost program.

Counties can apply for a matching grant to fund the needed improvements.

In Bourbon County the two bridges exceed what county officials can spend.

Bourbon County Comissioner Jeffrey Fisher said, “The requirements for funding, there were limitations. KDOT liked to fund a million dollar minimum and we didn’t feel like either of those bridges qualified for that million dollars. One of them is about a million dollar bridge, the other 600 thousand dollar bridge.

Fisher says safety is always his top concern and neither of these bridges are not an imminent concern of collapsing.

The county has done work to preserve the understructure of the bridges, which could positively affect the sufficiency rating.

But will not change the fracture criticial status.

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