FORT SCOTT, Kans. — The man behind The Milken Center For Unsung Heroes in Fort Scott plans on building a second, similar facility… But nowhere near southeast Kansas. Lowell Milken says another center is in the works for our nation’s capital. He made the announcement Monday during a double celebration for the grand opening of a park that bares his name, as well as the Center’s 15th anniversary. The new facility will be on a much larger scale, in a much more heavily visited area.

“And we’re extremely excited about having a permanent exhibition in the Milken Center for Advancing the American Dream which will open in 2024 and is located across from the White House so we’ll be able to take the messages and importance of this center to Washington D.C.,” said Lowell Milken, Founder, Lowell Milken Family Foundation.

The mission of that facility will be to advance economic and social mobility for all Americans.