One Pittsburg officer created a life-long bond through one selfless act of kindness.

Norma Matzenbacher says she met Officer Pam McCubbin by fate. But Officer McCubbin is saying she was just doing what her job has taught her, to be a helping hand.

On Tuesday Officer Pam McCubbin responded to a call at Norma Matzenbacher’s home after she fell. After her brief visit to the hospital, Officer McCubbin visited Matzenbacher’s home the next day to be sure she was recovering alright and even stayed to enjoy some donuts and coffee. But at first Norma didn’t realize who the generous individual was.

“It was Pam. And I didn’t recognize her in street clothes. And she said, “do you know who I am?’ And I said ‘no’ And she said ‘I am the police officer that helped you yesterday,’” says Norma.

And Officer McCubbin says stopping at the woman’s home while she was off duty was the least she can do. She says one of the best parts of being on the Pittsburg police force getting to have these moments with the community.

“Police officers work everyday in connection with our community to try and help. The overwhelming aspect but then the humbling aspect of seeing how one little can have such a profound effect on somebody else,” says McCubbin.

And Norma is saying the whole encounter is nothing short of a blessing. She’s saying this noble act has reminded her how compassionate others can be to those who need it.

“You have restored my faith in humanity. She’s an angel,” she says.

The encounter has blossomed into a new friendship for the two. And they’ve also been able to bond through their shared love for the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Go Chiefs!” says Norma Matzenbacher.

Officer McCubbin says she is hoping she can help Norma get a home nurse to help her out when she’s alone. And Norma says Officer McCubbin can come over as often as she wants, as long as she brings donuts.