Bomb Threat Being Investigated at Jane Walmart


JANE, Mo- The Walmart in Jane is currently locked down as police search the building for any possible explosive devices.

The McDonald County Sheriff’s office says they got a call to the main 911 center regarding the threat.

The Sheriff says he doesn’t believe it is credible but they’re following proper protocol to ensure the safety of everyone.

If they do find a suspicious package, they have a K-9 on standby to sniff out any possible explosive material.

They’ve also called Bentonville PD in case assistance is needed.

Viewers report all entrances are blocked and note a heavy police presence.

Official Release from the Sheriff’s Office:

” This evening Walmart received a bomb threat at approximately 8 p.m. at the Jane Walmart.
An evacuation was done the fire personnel and law enforcement and then law enforcement did a security sweep inside.  Nothing suspicious was located in the building .  The building was turned back over to Walmart management who made the decision to go ahead and release people back into the building.
Investigation is still underway working with Wal-Mart management team to try to determine who made the phone call threat into Walmart.”

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