Board Builds Pavilion to Grow a Local Farmer’s Market


Nevada, Mo

A local farmer’s market is planning to make a big move to better serve its vendors and customers.

The Nevada Farmer’s Market has been meeting at the fairgrounds every week for years.
But market board members wanted to provide a way for not only the market, but everyone in the community an opportunity to use the space.
This prompted the board to partner with the City of Nevada and a local 4H group to break ground on the pavillion last winter.
Farmer’s Market officials are now getting ready to see the facility open and are excited for the new opportunity.

“The bible says that God created the world. And he told the people to tend it, and nourish it, take care of it, take dominion of it, and take care of it. And we feel this is a part of flourishing that God intended for his creation, so.” says Jon Caudle, Farmer’s Market Board Member

The new pavilion will allow ten vendors inside and others will set up outside of it.
The market board plans to be open in the pavilion in two weeks.

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