Blood on Board


One of the reasons accident victims die before they make it to a trauma center is from blood loss. But a local medical flight crew is doing something about it — decreasing the odds of that happening, and hopefully increasing survival rates.

Even by air, it’s a long way to the nearest trauma center in some parts of the Four States. Take Vernon county for example — a rural area.

“Car wrecks, gun shot wounds, out here we have a lot of farmers and tractor accidents,” says Sean Haase RN, Nevada Medflight.

But the medflight crew based at the Nevada Airport now brings something with them they hope will help increase the odds that trauma victims will make it to an emergency room — the gift of life.

“Out here being so rural we’re about 25 to 45 minutes depending upon where we’re at to the closest trauma center, so us having blood to be able to give patients, in case of emergency, is huge for our community and the communities we serve,” says Haase.

This is now one of three Medflight crews based out of Missouri that carries four units of whole blood. The best case scenario is that the crew ends up not needing to use the blood, which can be given to all patients. And, even if that happens, Haase says it won’t go to waste.

“Community Blood Center of the Ozarks will come out and get it and take it to a local facility that will use it so that way it still gets used and doesn’t expire. That way the patient person that donated it is still able to give it to a person in need,” says Haase.

The two other Missouri based medical flight crews carrying blood on board are in Rolla and Sullivan, which is west of the St. Louis area.

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