Blessing Box That Once Served A Community, Has Been Destroyed By Mother Nature


It’s a happy ending for a piece of Carterville that was damaged by Mother Nature.

Last night, the Carterville Blessing Box had to be taken down because the shelves inside had rotted and the door was hanging off.
  Many people rely on the blessing box daily for food or clothing items to get through hard times.
  And after posting what happened on Facebook to let the community know, the Blessing Box’s founder was overwhelmed by all of the support she received from the Four States.

“I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t post it because I wanted someone to make me a new box, I had just posted it letting them know about it, so they didn’t drive by and were like oh my gosh why is … what’s happening? You know and I had people from Tulsa, Oklahoma messaging me wanting to help.” says Kallie Ipock, Blessing Box Founder

  She says a local Carterville resident will build a new blessing box this week, and hopefully have it back up by this weekend.

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