Bill White has already filed 18 bills this year


SOUTHWEST MISSOURI — A Southwest Missouri Senator says 2020 will be a busy year for the legislature.

And Bill White says he has a few bills already making their way toward a vote.

Bill White has 18 bills filed for the session.

Those range from legal issues and healthcare to what you pay on your utility bill.

Missouri Senator Bill White, (R), said, “Everything’s done on the internet now and so we’re at a disadvantage. Some states already have this in place.”

Missouri State Senator Bill White wants Missouri to catch up.

He’s talking about notarizing a document.

Right now, that has to be done on paper in the Show Me State.

Senate Bill 593 would add the online option.

Senator White also wants to change how Missouri courts handle punitive damages.

“Example – the Ford motor company with the pinto thing where they didn’t change the gas tank for 11 bucks and new people would die – or the cancer drug where the guy intentionally cut the cancer drug in kc – those would be the types of things where punitives would be appropriate.”

His bill would make a judge more involved in the process, deciding whether punitive damages are appropriate for the case filed.

And he also wants to address how utilities request rate changes for system repairs or upgrades.

White says it can take up to three years for a company to ask the state Public Service Commission for approval on a job.

He wants to add an option for a quick review from the PSC, which would work in conjunction with the existing petition process.

“I think this is justified. And again the public service commission still has the scrutiny – if they don’t agree with, only agree with part of the amount, that’s what they get. So it isn’t just giving them a blank check.”

The legislature has been back at work for barely a week and hundreds of bills have been filed.

To see those bills, follow the link below.

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