It might not be easy to believe…

“8 feet tall and he was big and stocky,” explained Goodman resident Billy Wade.

Or something that’s easy to admit… 

“I think it was Bigfoot,” Wade added. “That was my first instinct.”

But there are those who believe that he does exist and that he might even live where we call home. 

“The Bigfoot Forest People have been spotted in the Four States area,” said expert Dr. Matthew A. Johnson.

After seeing something so inexplicable in Goodman, Billy wade thinks it would make sense for Bigfoot to take to the Four States. 

Billy Wade/Has seen Bigfoot

“He’s got a great cover with the trees,” Wade continued. “He’s got an awesome food supply with the stream behind me.”

Whether you believe or not, experts say half the fun is in looking. 

“Just go out there and sit and wait for them to come to you,” Dr. Johnson added. “If you consistently and persistently go out there and do that, they will eventually reach back.”

And there’s no reason to be afraid. 

“Every morning I’m out there I always manage to wake up alive,” Dr. Johnson explained. “My 50+ guests who have gone out with me over the last 17 years have also woken up alive every morning.”

And if you do spot something that you just can’t explain, Wade says to keep in mind if it is Bigfoot, he’s just another neighbor. 

“Yes, he does call himself four the Four States home,” said Wade. “He made himself known.”

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