Bids and Dibs Consignment Boutique gives coats and beddings to those in need


A local consignment shop is fulfilling the need of coats and bedding for the winter.

“Well I was raised to do what I can, where I am, with what I have,” says Angela Simon, owner.

Bids and Dibs Consignment Boutique is giving away coats and bedding outside of its shop during the winter months.

“Right now we have an excess of costs. Being in the consignment business there’s always extra and so we decided to just stockpile the extra and put them outside once the weather turns a little bit colder,” says Angela Simon.

In recent months, a major non profit organization in the community that helped provide clothes to those in need has closed.

“Our community has since lost it’s little clothes closet and so I think the need this year is a little bit greater and I think that’s why there’s been a little more attention to it,” says Simon.

And as soon as the community heard about the Bids and Dibs Coat Drive, many wanted to help out and donate.

“The clothing has went a lot further this year because we’ve actually taken in just donations off the street. People going ‘I have these coats can I leave them here with you?’ Absolutely, we’re happy to distribute them for you,” says Simon.

However, the winter season is not the only season Bids and Dibs puts a clothes rack of items.

“We do it several times a year for different things, Halloween costumes. We just distributed several Halloween costumes you know a couple of months ago, so it’s a great way just to give back with what we already have,” says Angela Simon.

Bids and Dibs is now in the process of expanding and hopes to do even more next year.

“We’ve just purchased a larger location, so hopefully in the upcoming year we will be able to give back even more. We’ll have more place to store off season items in order to give back to the community, so we’re looking forward to be able to do even more,” says Simon.

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