Better Business Bureau warns to be wary of holiday scams


Holiday shopping is in full swing and the Better Business Bureau has some advice so you don’t fall victim to a scam.

They offer five tips, one, keep your identity safe and secure while at the mall. Also, not falling for an online shopping scheme. 

The BBB says sometimes companies will present great deals or luxury goods at an amazing price, but often times, it’s not true so always look for BBB credentials at the bottom.

Another tip, those hot new toys or gadgets can sometimes be found on other online sites but they’re priced much higher and you may not actually get the device. The Bureau says if you’re shopping on Craigslist or other similar sites, meet in person with a friend and go to a very public place.

Two more tips, watch out for bogus charitable pleas online and in person, do a little research before you give and don’t click on links sent to you in an email if you can’t verify the source.

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