Better Business Bureau has advice on which online reviews to trust


Now that many people are in full Christmas shopping mode, the Better Business Bureau has some advice for which online reviews to trust.

Major online retailers can often have hundreds of reviews for certain products. In some cases, the reviews can make an item look very appealing and the perfect fit for you — but they might not be honest reviews. So, the BBB of Southwest Missouri has some advice for what to look out for before selecting a product based on the review.

“So a red flag would be if something has poor spelling, poor grammar, if something doesn’t seem to make sense, if it seems to be more or less the same people saying the same thing over and over again, that would be huge red flag,” says Stephanie Garland, BBB SWMO.

If you think you’ve found the perfect product, you can double check the seller on the BBB’s website. We’ve provided a link to that here.

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