Being active first major step to heart health


JOPLIN, Mo. — February is American Heart Month.

And one key component to keeping it healthy is regular exercise.

Dr. Frank S. Kim, Freeman Health System, Heart & Vascular, said, “My belief is by being physically active is the first major step toward heart health.”

And Dr. Frank S. Kim says the best approach is to include a wide range of activity.

“Aerobic, so treadmill, walking, jogging, is good for heart. Leads to lower blood pressure and heart rate.”

Also increasing good cholesterol, while decreasing the bad and helping with weight loss.

He says weightlifting is also good for your heart.

“The American College for sports medicine recommends resistance training on non-consecutive days – about twice a week, total of 60 minutes.”

And he adds it’s also important to incorporate stretching.

“While it doesn’t directly improve your heart health, it allows you to have a good foundation so it allows you to have mobility, flexibility.”

Using all three is also good for your joints, your bone health, and much much more.

The Freeman Medical Focus was sponsored by Freeman Health System.

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