Bee class teaches people how to better care for pollinators


The MSSU Pollinator Club and the Joplin Area Beekeepers Association taught classes Saturday on how to reproduce beehives and how to raise new queen bees.

According to the teachers, both of these are essential to maintaining bees and their colonies. One beekeeper says protecting the bees is not like it used to be and it requires more work. 
Joplin Area Beekeepers Association VP Phil Mcgowan says, “It’s not like when a lot of us- our grandparents used to just set bees out in the backyard and let them go. You can’t do that anymore.”

MSSU Assistant Biology Professor Mary Kilmer says, “So as the general public the things that we can do to help out is to try to learn more about protecting these pollinating species about protecting their habitat and this is just one of those steps.”

MSSU staff and students began producing their own beehives last year. This year, the group is looking to produce several more hives before the beginning of honey season.

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